After viewing “Killing Us Softly 4,” I was appalled at some advertisements that were published. I never actually realized all of the degrading aspects that are portrayed in them until Jeanne brought them to my attention. After viewing this, I researched “unethical advertisements,” and this was one of many to appear. This advertisement has offended me entirely too much that I have decided to write a letter to the CEO of BMW, an international automobile company.

To the CEO of BMW:

As I came across your latest advertisement, I became concerned. Why? Because the message that is portrayed is unethical towards women. The act of degrading women has been an issue for years, and in society today women are now equal to men. I understand there are many companies that use women to sell objects and believe “sex” sells, however, this advertisement pushed me over the edge.

The message I am understanding in this article is that a male desires to make love to a BMW other than his significant other. Therefore, that is what he thinks about instead of the woman. By placing a magazine over her face and writing “the ultimate attraction,” completely offends me.

As a woman, this makes us feel degraded. Imagine how this model feels? By comparing the attraction of a woman to a luxury car is not only offending, but hurtful. It doesn’t even end there. Stating that they are the ultimate attraction as opposed to the male’s partner is sending two unethical messages. Men believe this is the right thing to do along with being humorous and women either give up and let it happen or feel so insecure they try everything to make themselves better. This woman is lying there like it is absolutely acceptable and it’s not. Girls in society look up to advertisements, especially when they send a message about being in love. Young women getting the idea that this is acceptable is ethically wrong. Today, we have enough pressures in society to fit the standards of an attractive woman, and this portrays the exact opposite of what women should feel like when being in love or during any other experience in life.

Personally, this advertisement hit home. I was in a relationship for three years. My significant other was more interested in the next car magazine he was purchasing, or more specifically what car he wanted. He used to focus on cars more than myself, and I ended up feeling never good enough for him to pay attention too. I felt hurt and ugly. Even worse, I let it happen. Yes, this advertisement just turned into real life. This message can offend others like myself who have experienced something along those lines.

Therefore, I highly suggest you have this advertisement taken out of magazines and off billboards. Do you really want your company to get a bad reputation over one advertisement that has nothing to do with the actual product itself? If not, I would rethink another way to portray such beautiful, luxury automobiles other than disseminating such a degrading message to women of all ages across society.

Elyse McAvoy