Whether I am watching my favorite TV show or driving on Route 34 back at home, Verizon Wireless has that magical way of popping up everywhere. As I flip through a magazine at the convenience store, Verizon Wireless is the first advertisement that catches my eye. And even though previews before a movie are supposed to be for upcoming releases, Verizon has snuck itself in there too.Verizon Wireless is a service that has spread worldwide and has been dominating through multimedia approach.

Verizon’s media platforms vary between clever commercials, eye catching billboards, banner ads on websites through the Internet, and even events hosted to promote upcoming devices. Each commercial usually promotes a different type of phone or the actual service of the devices itself. Trademark’s in these commercials are mostly The “Can you hear me now” guy or the entire Verizon Network walking together promoting the 3G service. These different methods
in advertising commercials then are tied in with billboard’s that have a picture of the Verizon guy and the rest of the network behind him. Along with that picture, instead of hearing Verizon’s slogan, it is written out: “ America’s Most Reliable Network.”

Magazines are then brought into this multimedia approach with advertisements of new phones or again, the Verizon guy. All of these media platforms constantly repeat itself and follow the public everywhere they go. Another media platform that is used throughout all of the approaches of advertising this service is the Verizon Wireless logo. This red check mark is immediately identified as Verizon and sticks in people’s heads. Verizon has created a genius slogan and logo to use through all of these advertisements. Everything shown through there media platforms defines successful consistency. How could you not end up switching to this network, or updating your phone?

Verizon is promoted and advertised throughout every day for twenty-four hours. Two or more different Verizon commercials can even be played during one hour long show. They are mostly played throughout sports games, news channels, and regular programs. Newspaper ads can appear in any issue, and mostly every magazine published contains at least one Verizon advertisement. On the Internet, again, a pop-up advertisement for this service can end up appearing anywhere and at no specific time. Verizon is an increasingly expanding worldwide service that an advertising schedule isn’t a main issue. For the amount that the Internet and TV are used in today’s society, targeting a certain time so that more people will see the ads is not necessary. It is almost guaranteed you will see an ad for the service through any of the media platforms at least once a day. I know I do!

Verizon Wireless targets various ages. The target market does not only aim for adults financially stable. Even if you aren’t making the best income, a cellphone today is a main priority. How many people do you know without a cellphone? Not too many. In addition, I don’t believe the target market holds back from younger ages either. Many pre-teens and teenagers own a cellphone and are the main advocates for persuading there parents into purchasing these devices. After a teen sees these commercials with new phones or others in school with them, they want to hop on the bandwagon and be a part of this ownership. As more people see others with Verizon phones along with being reminded of them by the multimedia approach advertisements, Verizon continues to succeed.

Therefore, Verizon Wireless has beat out a lot of competition over the years. Most likely, families and individuals are a part of this service and are pleased. No other service, such as AT&T or Sprint, has nearly as many advertisements in all different forms. This then obviously means Verizon’s multimedia approach campaign is 100% effective. Everyone all over the world has knowledge to the service and knows what it is about. They have not held back from any target audience, and I believe there advertisements suite all of them. For any service, the effectiveness of this strategy is the key to success. Constant repetition, and publicity is what society needs in order to follow along and buy the product or join the service. Is Verizon taking over? I think so! According to Wikipedia, Verizon is the largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States! Don’t have Verizon and now you are extremely curious about upgrading your wireless carrier, upgrade now!