Has technology ever worried you? Have you ever sat on your laptop or in your lecture halls wondering what technology will be like in the future? I have. As the internet has evolved and iPods become more compact with a variety of features, I try to picture what technology will be like when my children are in school. Take a step through my imaginary time machine. It is time for 2035!

Here we are, in the future 25 years ahead. A huge screen embedded in the wall turns on with a computer-generated voice politely urging you to wake up. No more alarm clocks, just computers. In addition to your wake up call, it reminds you of the things you have to do for the day while you’re walking around your room brushing your teeth and fixing your hair. You punch into your closet computer screen the weather outside and it picks out an outfit appropriate for the day.

In 2035, there are no more cars, only mini space shuttles that fly around. You have a robot maid who does your laundry, cooks and cleans for you. 2035 is much like the old television show The Jetsons (minus the talking dog).

There is no such thing as textbooks in classes anymore. All the material for every course is only available on your computer. All novels, newspapers and magazines are also read online.  Laptops are smaller and lighter than ever, so no more back aches and pains!

So there you have it! 2035 is better than we could have imagined. How can you ever hear   someone say they are stressed out when computers are getting you through everyday life? This is everything I thought a Utopian society would be and more.

Technology will be our back bone to survive, but what if technology was taken too far? In this article, Living Longer, it talks about how vast improvements in technology might eventually lead to scientific discoveries allowing us to live forever! Sounds like fun but won’t the world become a little overpopulated?

Let’s take another adventure into the future on my imaginary time machine, but this time you may want to cover your eyes.

We are back into the future in the year of 2035, however the world has been corrupted.
Technology has taken over and the world has gone mad. In 2011, everyone thinks people spend too much time on Facebook or YouTube, but in 2035 if you spend too little time on the internet, you are breaking the law! Did I just say law? Yes, being up to date with technology and not falling behind is a law in society now. You must have at least five different computers in your house. You have to be up to date with every technology made. People will search your house weekly to make sure you know how to use them. If you do not own or know how to use them, you are fined!

As you walk around, you see how desolate and lonely the world has become. Nobody speaks in public because people are too busy using electronic devices. They aren’t even looking up to see where they are walking or stopping for air. No one goes “away” to college anymore or sit through 3 hour lectures. Society now believes that computers are your education and they are how you gain your college degree. People are robots, like they aren’t even alive! 2011, I never thought I would miss you so much!

As I come back to reality, I start to wonder what my own life would be like in 2035. Considering both utopian and bleak societies, I become more and more confused. I doubted the fact that we would be driving around space shuttles, until I thought about how much my generation has changed since my parents, even my grandparents! The world in general keeps evolving and technology especially. Twenty-five years from now, I will hopefully have a career, a husband and children. But, who knows? Will journalists even be in demand anymore? Will I have to buy my children their own laptops and cell phones in the second grade? These questions all race through my mind about what my life will be like in the future. Too be honest, it’s quite unsettling.