Two days without media was almost as bad as two days without food!
Okay I guess not AS bad, but it was still completely awful. Beginning this assignment I thought to myself, what am I going to do for two days? Media was how I stayed in touch with my friends, family, how I made plans, etc.  From the beginning, I already knew this assignment would be a challenge. But, I never imagined how terrible it would really be.

To start this assignment I decided to shut my cell phone off. I don’t
think my beautiful blackberry has been turned off in two years! I then
put away all my magazines, hid my remote, turned off my iPod and shut down my lap top. As an hour or so passed I noticed I was becoming somewhat delusional. I starred blankly around my room feeling lost, almost like I was nonexistent. I decided that I would clean out my closet to keep my mind off my media free and newly boring life. However when I finished this task I felt lost again. Did the world
come to an end? I can’t call or text my friends to hangout and I can’t
watch TV so what am I supposed to do? I felt alone and unimportant, I
was miserable.

As the assignment went on, I noticed that my friends were acting
strange when I saw them. Then it clicked, they probably were trying to
contact me and thought I was ignoring them. I hated the awkwardness
and not knowing what my friends were up to at all times. Avoiding my
cell phone and face book was a lot more difficult for me than avoiding
other forms of media, like my iPod or TV.
Although I am making it sound like it was the end of the world without
media, there were some advantages to this assignment.

I found myself listening to others more. I wasn’t distracted by my phone vibrating and had more engaging conversations with my friends and even my professors. Instead of updating my status on face book, I cleaned my room and went for a run! I felt free and more accomplished in a way. However as nighttime came I felt lost again. It’s like I was going through cell phone withdrawals! The morning of day two I woke up feeling empty. I couldn’t do it any longer, I cracked. I picked up my phone and it never felt so amazing in my hands before. I called my Mom and texted my friends back. Finally that empty, lost feeling was gone. I was alive again! I didn’t want to do it, but if I didn’t I felt as if I was going to die. Mass media in modern society is a new way of life. It does affect our way of learning and living, yet it is something we must all embrace. This assignment proved to me that it is nearly impossible to avoid mass media in today’s world!