The “Ultimate” Attraction

After viewing “Killing Us Softly 4,” I was appalled at some advertisements that were published. I never actually realized all of the degrading aspects that are portrayed in them until Jeanne brought them to my attention. After viewing this, I researched “unethical advertisements,” and this was one of many to appear. This advertisement has offended me entirely too much that I have decided to write a letter to the CEO of BMW, an international automobile company.

To the CEO of BMW:

As I came across your latest advertisement, I became concerned. Why? Because the message that is portrayed is unethical towards women. The act of degrading women has been an issue for years, and in society today women are now equal to men. I understand there are many companies that use women to sell objects and believe “sex” sells, however, this advertisement pushed me over the edge.

The message I am understanding in this article is that a male desires to make love to a BMW other than his significant other. Therefore, that is what he thinks about instead of the woman. By placing a magazine over her face and writing “the ultimate attraction,” completely offends me.

As a woman, this makes us feel degraded. Imagine how this model feels? By comparing the attraction of a woman to a luxury car is not only offending, but hurtful. It doesn’t even end there. Stating that they are the ultimate attraction as opposed to the male’s partner is sending two unethical messages. Men believe this is the right thing to do along with being humorous and women either give up and let it happen or feel so insecure they try everything to make themselves better. This woman is lying there like it is absolutely acceptable and it’s not. Girls in society look up to advertisements, especially when they send a message about being in love. Young women getting the idea that this is acceptable is ethically wrong. Today, we have enough pressures in society to fit the standards of an attractive woman, and this portrays the exact opposite of what women should feel like when being in love or during any other experience in life.

Personally, this advertisement hit home. I was in a relationship for three years. My significant other was more interested in the next car magazine he was purchasing, or more specifically what car he wanted. He used to focus on cars more than myself, and I ended up feeling never good enough for him to pay attention too. I felt hurt and ugly. Even worse, I let it happen. Yes, this advertisement just turned into real life. This message can offend others like myself who have experienced something along those lines.

Therefore, I highly suggest you have this advertisement taken out of magazines and off billboards. Do you really want your company to get a bad reputation over one advertisement that has nothing to do with the actual product itself? If not, I would rethink another way to portray such beautiful, luxury automobiles other than disseminating such a degrading message to women of all ages across society.

Elyse McAvoy


Hey, My Mom’s Greek!

As I began adjusting to my second week at Towson, I noticed flyers and girls talking about PanHellenic Association. I honestly had no idea what it was, maybe a form of student council or club? I also remembering seeing something onFacebook about it as well!On my way to grab a quick bite at the Patuxent, my roommate grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. A fair was set up for Panhellenic Association. My roommate explained how it was an event promoting greek life on campus called “Meet The Greeks.” I was unsure if being apart of a sorority was for me, but I had nothing to loose, right?

Walking around I realized that greek life had taken over the Paws Patio. Every sorority and fraternity had tables set up with posters of their greek names, pictures, paddles, and any objects relevant to their sorority. Along with this, each group wore shirts that represented them and the Fall 2010 rush recruitment. Music was playing, hamburgers were grilling, and snacks and beverages were being served. Balloons were blowing in the wind, tons of people stopped to socialize, and greek life was fully prepared to promote aspects of their college experiences and what this whole world was about. Not to mention, it was a beautiful day.

Public Relation strategies were in full effect. PanHellenic had flyers floating around campus promoting this event for weeks using the communication technique. All of the food, music, and party favors were there to lure you in, making it seem like an enjoyable fair to attend. All of the sorority sisters and fraternity brothers gathered around talking to anyone who was interested in joining their chapters and PanHellenic organization as a whole. Propaganda was used to persuade myself and others who were hesitant about the stereotypes of greek life. They were strong in promoting themselves to be better than what you had seen in movies and were confident and convincing when persuading us to join and support there organization. From the sorority tables that I visited, pictures and paddles were used to represent the types of girls they were. The special event technique was also weaved into the public relations as well when each sorority advertised their philanthropies. For instance, Alpha Omicron Pi’s philanthropy was Arthritis Research Foundation and Cervical Cancer. Each organization was linking themselves with positive images and passion for what they help support. This made me want to be apart of such rewarding benefits while watching these girls speak so highly of their philanthropies.

By using various public relation techniques to promote not only Panhellenic Association but also every different sorority and fraternity offered at Towson University, I feel that all together the organization and chapters were successful. Although there were some sororities that persuaded my opinion and interested me more than others, each chapter did a respectable job. I believe the “Meet the Greek” fair was a success because it portrayed every aspect in promoting and holding an event the way it should be. Positive attitudes from the organization helped boost a hype towards joining, and creative methods were used to persuade the minds of potential sisters and brothers of greek life. While tons of information was filling my head, I was in a positive atmosphere. The key to a successful event is not only getting all the information of an organization out there, but also making it intriguing and fun for people to have the passion that you do.

Overall, this fair impacted my outlook and perspective on greek life. Not only did it change my behavior, but I ended up rushing and joining a chapter of PanHellenic Association. Along with myself, 599 other girls left the fair and came back the next night to rush for a sorority. Wouldn’t you also agree that this event was a success?

Can You Hear Me Now..GOOD!

Whether I am watching my favorite TV show or driving on Route 34 back at home, Verizon Wireless has that magical way of popping up everywhere. As I flip through a magazine at the convenience store, Verizon Wireless is the first advertisement that catches my eye. And even though previews before a movie are supposed to be for upcoming releases, Verizon has snuck itself in there too.Verizon Wireless is a service that has spread worldwide and has been dominating through multimedia approach.

Verizon’s media platforms vary between clever commercials, eye catching billboards, banner ads on websites through the Internet, and even events hosted to promote upcoming devices. Each commercial usually promotes a different type of phone or the actual service of the devices itself. Trademark’s in these commercials are mostly The “Can you hear me now” guy or the entire Verizon Network walking together promoting the 3G service. These different methods
in advertising commercials then are tied in with billboard’s that have a picture of the Verizon guy and the rest of the network behind him. Along with that picture, instead of hearing Verizon’s slogan, it is written out: “ America’s Most Reliable Network.”

Magazines are then brought into this multimedia approach with advertisements of new phones or again, the Verizon guy. All of these media platforms constantly repeat itself and follow the public everywhere they go. Another media platform that is used throughout all of the approaches of advertising this service is the Verizon Wireless logo. This red check mark is immediately identified as Verizon and sticks in people’s heads. Verizon has created a genius slogan and logo to use through all of these advertisements. Everything shown through there media platforms defines successful consistency. How could you not end up switching to this network, or updating your phone?

Verizon is promoted and advertised throughout every day for twenty-four hours. Two or more different Verizon commercials can even be played during one hour long show. They are mostly played throughout sports games, news channels, and regular programs. Newspaper ads can appear in any issue, and mostly every magazine published contains at least one Verizon advertisement. On the Internet, again, a pop-up advertisement for this service can end up appearing anywhere and at no specific time. Verizon is an increasingly expanding worldwide service that an advertising schedule isn’t a main issue. For the amount that the Internet and TV are used in today’s society, targeting a certain time so that more people will see the ads is not necessary. It is almost guaranteed you will see an ad for the service through any of the media platforms at least once a day. I know I do!

Verizon Wireless targets various ages. The target market does not only aim for adults financially stable. Even if you aren’t making the best income, a cellphone today is a main priority. How many people do you know without a cellphone? Not too many. In addition, I don’t believe the target market holds back from younger ages either. Many pre-teens and teenagers own a cellphone and are the main advocates for persuading there parents into purchasing these devices. After a teen sees these commercials with new phones or others in school with them, they want to hop on the bandwagon and be a part of this ownership. As more people see others with Verizon phones along with being reminded of them by the multimedia approach advertisements, Verizon continues to succeed.

Therefore, Verizon Wireless has beat out a lot of competition over the years. Most likely, families and individuals are a part of this service and are pleased. No other service, such as AT&T or Sprint, has nearly as many advertisements in all different forms. This then obviously means Verizon’s multimedia approach campaign is 100% effective. Everyone all over the world has knowledge to the service and knows what it is about. They have not held back from any target audience, and I believe there advertisements suite all of them. For any service, the effectiveness of this strategy is the key to success. Constant repetition, and publicity is what society needs in order to follow along and buy the product or join the service. Is Verizon taking over? I think so! According to Wikipedia, Verizon is the largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States! Don’t have Verizon and now you are extremely curious about upgrading your wireless carrier, upgrade now!

A Heart To Call Home♥

My sophomore year of high school was when my interest of adoption started.  My beliefs in adopting children from other countries who are less fortunate and do not have families to support them are important to me. Therefore, one day I hope to adopt all of my children from all over the world.  No, I am not Angelina Jolie, but for two years, I researched and read about adoption. Learning all of the legal requirements and the amount of time it takes to adopt one child seemed hopeless. I felt like it could never really all happen. My senior year of high school, I read the novel Kite Runner by Khaled Hasseini for my summer reading book requirement. This fiction novel was such an inspiring book between the struggles of life in Afghanistan, Hassan’s rape, and legal adoption issues with Sohrab.  However, it was the adoption process that caught my attention and interest most.

After I completed the novel, my English teacher assigned a research paper on any topic relating to your summer reading book. I chose the legal rights and complications of adopting a child from Afghanistan. Overall, I learned that a US citizen cannot adopt from Afghanistan and that they can only be awarded guardianship. According to, guardianship is defined as “care; responsibility; charge.” Meanwhile, adoption is defined as, “to take and rear (the child of other parents) as one’s own child, specifically by a formal legal act.”  This is where Kite Runner impacted my choices.

Realizing this information, my body was filled with mixed emotions I was unbelievably shocked to read that this was even the case, and on the other hand I wanted nothing more but to change these legal laws. I wasn’t the only one who thought Kite Runner was inspirational and motivating. In this Book Review, Erin Miller says how the Kite Runner was one of the best books she has ever read!

I strongly believe things happen for a reason. I probably would have never read this novel, or researched if it wasn’t half of my final grade for the class. Learning about the legal rights a US citizen has adopting from Afghanistan, pushed me. Now, I will do whatever I can to change this law and become involved. Am I still hopeless? No, now I am optimistic. Children are suffering without families in other countries, while US citizens keep expanding theirs. Why keep
producing if there are so many innocent children in this world alone? Kite Runner gave me hope when Amir finally was able to adopt Sohrab. Amir saved a child’s life and made him smile. Seeing a child smile and knowing it was because I saved them, would be the most rewarding thing I could ever experience. This novel helped me realize not everything is easy, and you can’t get everything you want in life without a fight. Adopting in the near future is a passion and
determination of mine. If I wasn’t exposed to such a beautiful story, I may have still been “hopeless” and later given up.

Therefore, Kite Runner helped me understand the real reasons why adoption is such a difficult process, yet encouraged me to fight for what I believe in. This novel keeps me focused, and influences my choice to read other novels about people’s stories and there adoption processes. Other people’s stories no matter if it is told through a talk show, movie, or novel captures me. Not only does this happen because I want nothing more but to experience such a life changing moment, but because when I see other’s fighting for what they want, I know I am not alone in this battle. Despite the negativity with legal laws and interracial adoption, I know I was put on this earth to save someone through this process. Fortunately, Kite Runner helped me realize my lifelong goals were significant to not only the children, but to myself as well.

If you are interested in learning more about adoption, click here!

Living in a daydream…

Born in 1990, I was a princess myself. Growing up in the Disney era was a privilege and definitely a different experience to what children watch and see now. As I compare my Disney childhood to 2010’s Disney childhood, it is two completely different worlds. Disney is just another company that has conformed to society today and has forgotten about who they really are.

As I twirled around in my Cinderella and tiaras, I aspired to be as beautiful as Cinderella. I watched The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), Pocahontas (1995) and every other innocent film they made. I admired these characters and thought life was nothing but princes, solutions, and perfection. Throughout my upbringing, I was tricked into thinking life was nothing but dreams that came true. Too bad, it was all a lie.

The story lines of my childhood Disney movies and the fake lives it portrayed does not upset me. In reality, all movies are spiced up to make you think the best things are possible, so why hate on Disney? My problem with Disney now is that they lost themselves. Disney has become something they are not, and for me it is upsetting. Disney like many other companies lost sight in what they created and have fell into society’s trends and different childhood expectations now. But, why would children want to have a different expectation of life other than being a prince or princess, right?

If you take the time to sit down and watch The Disney channel one of these days, you will be so shocked to see what children are watching now and how different it is compared to when you were watching Toy Story. “Hannah Montana” is a hit series for Disney, yet Miley Cyrus is the main character. Doesn’t that raise concern for parents allowing their children to watch this show? Didn’t they just see on a different channel her sex scandal pictures? I couldn’t imagine twirling around to aspire to be Miley Cyrus after everything she has shown doing in the tabloids. There is no innocence here at all. Below is a link about why Cindy Crawford won’t allow her own daughter to watch Hannah Montana! Is Hannah Montana Bad for Kids?

Honestly, Disney channel is one of my favorite networks. But, I am also twenty years old and have experienced my youth. So how is it that a six year old is enjoying something an eighteen year old is watching? Trust me, I am not the only college student addicted to Disney channel! This all boggles my mind. I know when I experienced my first Disney trip, I was surrounded by make believe characters. Imaginary girls, animals that talked, castles, horses, and royalty. It was literally a “magical world.” I can’t imagine visitng now and seeing young children getting autographs from Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, the Sprouse twins, and Miley Cyrus. These are celebrities we read about everyday in tabloids. I know for a fact The Little Mermaid didn’t break out with a sex scandal growing up. I am also pretty sure The Little Mermaid wasn’t even a real human being. Do you see where I am going with this?

Society does not understand how childhood has changed so drastically over the years, but I have. Television and role models are a huge part of it all. If they see a Disney character in a magazine talking on a cellphone and drinking a Starbucks, they will want to too.

Overall, I am grateful for such a refreshing youth and innocent upbringing. Disney was one of the only corporations I never thought would conform to these issues, but over the years it has gotten worse and worse. Disney does not have that innocent reputation anymore and if changes aren’t made shortly, they will never have a good one back. So therefore, Disney get with the program and bring us back little girl and little boy’s hopes and dreams!

Generation Facebook

Are you one of the 60% that stalks your ex boyfriend? Or maybe you are a part of the billion photos uploaded a month? Is your profile one of the 30 million profiles that show more than one status update a day? Nearly 70% of college students log on every day, are you one of them? I know you know exactly what I am talking about and I just caught you, red handed!

Facebook has become a worldwide addiction. People need more than one or two “Facebook fixes” a day and they communicate more on this social networking website than they do with people. Do not worry, I am not that innocent either. Every fact stated above, also includes me and my Facebook addiction. So don’t be embarrassed, we all stalk our ex’s one time or another right?

All of these statistics make me wonder, what is happening to our society’s communication skills and our youth? In 2009, Doug Fodeman and Marje Monroe came together to write The Impact of Facebook on Our Students. There major argument is whether or not students should be allowed to access Facebook while at school.

Throughout the article, Fodeman and Monroe state many different arguments within the major problem.  Fodeman and Monroe caught my attention when they stated, “We have concerns for children and teens today growing up in a world where they are wired 24/7 without a break. For many of our kids there is little or no “down time.” Some have difficulty disengaging from their social life.” This is an extremely unhealthy issue society is facing because of social networking. I know that I am on my computer in my bed until I nod off, just like most kids are as well. The article targeted at safety and privacy concerns, wasted time, Spyware or viruses installed because of free networking, children not having enough knowledge to know what they are really sacrificing themselves to, avoiding social conversations face-to-face, not building real relationships, and losing the definition of what “friend” really means.

I believe that this article is incredibly vital for people to read. It is an extremely informative article that brings up many factual arguments. I strongly agree with Fodeman and Monroe when they argue access on Facebook in school should not be allowed. Children in the seventh grade should not even own a Facebook, let alone be on the network in school.

Over the years, ages younger and younger are consuming this media and it is affecting communication skills starting at a young age.  I even find myself commenting on somebody’s wall instead of calling them, or even sitting through my entire class surfing everyone’s pages and my news feed. Children and teenagers should definitely not be getting in these habits so young.

I also agree with Fodeman and Monroe that Facebook being harmful to your friendly relationships.  Children and teens are learning to read critics blogs and harsh criticism that they feel it is okay for them to treat a friend that way. It is not okay. Teens are losing the meaning and value in what a friend really is and considering everyone there “friends” just because they are friends on Facebook.
Honestly, I think that this generation needs a serious wake up call. Consuming your life on Facebook is not a healthy lifestyle, especially at age thirteen! Facebook was created to keep in touch with friends at college and to meet people in a school where you know nobody. It was not created for children in elementary and middle school to post pictures of themselves for attention. The boundaries of Facebook have gotten out of control, yet we cannot control it. Therefore, as Fodeman and Monroe have preached, start doing something about these issues by at least blocking this site from school computers. I must admit, I was one of those students that sat in a lab in high school trying to access Facebook and got annoyed, but as I read this effective article and begin to think about the whole picture, my school helped me by doing this. Facebook addiction for all ages, especially children needs to subside, better yet end!

Want to find out if you are addicted to Facebook? Watch this video!

Future;rise or demise?

Has technology ever worried you? Have you ever sat on your laptop or in your lecture halls wondering what technology will be like in the future? I have. As the internet has evolved and iPods become more compact with a variety of features, I try to picture what technology will be like when my children are in school. Take a step through my imaginary time machine. It is time for 2035!

Here we are, in the future 25 years ahead. A huge screen embedded in the wall turns on with a computer-generated voice politely urging you to wake up. No more alarm clocks, just computers. In addition to your wake up call, it reminds you of the things you have to do for the day while you’re walking around your room brushing your teeth and fixing your hair. You punch into your closet computer screen the weather outside and it picks out an outfit appropriate for the day.

In 2035, there are no more cars, only mini space shuttles that fly around. You have a robot maid who does your laundry, cooks and cleans for you. 2035 is much like the old television show The Jetsons (minus the talking dog).

There is no such thing as textbooks in classes anymore. All the material for every course is only available on your computer. All novels, newspapers and magazines are also read online.  Laptops are smaller and lighter than ever, so no more back aches and pains!

So there you have it! 2035 is better than we could have imagined. How can you ever hear   someone say they are stressed out when computers are getting you through everyday life? This is everything I thought a Utopian society would be and more.

Technology will be our back bone to survive, but what if technology was taken too far? In this article, Living Longer, it talks about how vast improvements in technology might eventually lead to scientific discoveries allowing us to live forever! Sounds like fun but won’t the world become a little overpopulated?

Let’s take another adventure into the future on my imaginary time machine, but this time you may want to cover your eyes.

We are back into the future in the year of 2035, however the world has been corrupted.
Technology has taken over and the world has gone mad. In 2011, everyone thinks people spend too much time on Facebook or YouTube, but in 2035 if you spend too little time on the internet, you are breaking the law! Did I just say law? Yes, being up to date with technology and not falling behind is a law in society now. You must have at least five different computers in your house. You have to be up to date with every technology made. People will search your house weekly to make sure you know how to use them. If you do not own or know how to use them, you are fined!

As you walk around, you see how desolate and lonely the world has become. Nobody speaks in public because people are too busy using electronic devices. They aren’t even looking up to see where they are walking or stopping for air. No one goes “away” to college anymore or sit through 3 hour lectures. Society now believes that computers are your education and they are how you gain your college degree. People are robots, like they aren’t even alive! 2011, I never thought I would miss you so much!

As I come back to reality, I start to wonder what my own life would be like in 2035. Considering both utopian and bleak societies, I become more and more confused. I doubted the fact that we would be driving around space shuttles, until I thought about how much my generation has changed since my parents, even my grandparents! The world in general keeps evolving and technology especially. Twenty-five years from now, I will hopefully have a career, a husband and children. But, who knows? Will journalists even be in demand anymore? Will I have to buy my children their own laptops and cell phones in the second grade? These questions all race through my mind about what my life will be like in the future. Too be honest, it’s quite unsettling.